09 September 2012

BIO 105/106 Lesson 1 Chemistry Part 03

Biology 105/106

Lesson 1: Chemistry of Life Part 3

Comments and questions are appreciated.
Just a heads up. I realized right after I saved this video that I made a pretty big mistake. I'll point it out more clearly in the next video, but the mistake is the AMU for Protons and Neutrons.
I stated that a Proton was 1.07 AMU and a Neutron was 1.08 AMU.  That is off by an entire decimal place. The Actual Mass of a Proton is 1.007 AMU and a Neutron is 1.008 AMU.  This should never matter for a biology course, but when I give precise numbers I would rather that they be accurate.

Thanks for watching!

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