Medical School

This page is dedicated to learning the basic and clinical sciences that are taught in medical school

Histology Lab by Dr. Krause (Videos)


Medical Biochemistry Series (Week 1 - Energy, Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, TCA, and ETC)
A. One Thing to Memorize before you start Medical School
1. Biochemistry: Glucose Metabolism and Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD) 1
2. Biochemistry The Cori Cycle
3. Biochemistry: Hepatic Regulation of blood Glucose
4. Biochemistry: The Futile Cycle

5. Biochemistry: Regulation of Enzymes in glycolysis
6. Biochemistry: The Pentose-Phosphate-Shunt

7. Biochemistry: Glycolysis of Galactose, Manose, and Fructose
8. Biochemistry: Nonspherocytic Hemolytic Anemia 
9. Biochemistry: Acetyl-CoA links Catabolic Pathways
10. Biochemistry: Pyruvate to Acetyl-CoA (Four Steps)
11. Biochemistry: Intro to the TCA Cycle

12. Biochemistry: Controlling Pyruvate Dehydrogenase
13. Biochemistry: Introduction to the TCA cycle
14. Biochemistry: Anaplerotic Reactions of the TCA Cycle
15. Biochemistry: Pyruvate Regulation in the Starvation State
16. Biochemistry: The Electron Transport Chain (ETC)
17. Biochemistry: NADH Transport Into the Mitochondrial Matrix
18. Biochemistry: Respiratory Control of the ETC 
19. Biochemistry: Superoxides during Ischemia and Reperfusion
20. Biochemistry: UnCoupling Protein (Thermogenin) for Heat Production and ETC Poisons

Medical Biochemistry Series (Week 2 - Fatty Acids)
1. Biochemistry: Overview of lipid metabolism (Going to remake this video)
2. Biochemistry: Basics of Triacylglycerols and Glycerolphospholipids
3. Biochemistry: Introduction to Essential and non-Essential Fatty Acids
4. Biochemistry: Cholesterol Biosynthesis
5. Biochemistry: Overview of Fatty Acid Transport inside the Body
6. Biochemistry: Beta Oxidation of Fatty Acids 
7. Biochemistry: Oxidation of Odd-numbered-Carbon-Chain Fatty Acids
8. Biochemistry: Production of Ketone Bodies
9. Biochemistry: Fatty Acid Synthesis from Acetyl-CoA (from Glucose/sugar)
10. Biochemistry: Feedback/Reciporical Control of Fatty Acid Synthesis and Oxidation

Medical Biochemistry Series (Week - 3 Amino Acids and Nucleotides)
1. Biochemistry: Overview of Amino Acid Metabolism
2. Biochemistry: Mobilizing Nitrogen
3. Biochemistry: The Nitrogen Cycle
4. Biochemistry: The Urea Cycle
5. Biochemistry: Nucleotide Biosynthesis



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