Cell Biology

 Course outline:

Unit 1: Biology fundamentals
    - Introduction to biology
         Lesson 01: What is Life
         Lesson 02: Seven Themes of Biology
         Lesson 03: Intro to Taxonomy
         Lesson 04: Scientific Method / Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
         Lesson 05: Scientific Method Addendum
         Lesson 06: The Realm of Science / Protecting Science from Error

    - Chemistry in Biology
         Lesson 01: Language of Chemistry / History of Chemistry
         Lesson 02: Basic Elements of Life
         Lesson 03: Subatomic Particles
         Lesson 04: Addendum to Subatomic Particles
         Lesson 05: The Periodic Table and its Trends
         Lesson 06: Isotopes, Ions, and Ionic Bonds
         Lesson 07: Bohr's Big Idea
         Lesson 08: Schroedinger's Improvement
         Lesson 09: Four Chemical Bonds (Ionic, Covalent, Hydrogen, Van der Waals)
         Lesson 10: Balancing Chemical Equations
         Lesson 11: Chemical Equilibrium

    - Water, The Elixir of Life
         Lesson 01: The Special Properties of Water
         Lesson 02: Water as a Solvent / Introduction to Moles
         Lesson 03: More Moles
         Lesson 04: Concentration (Molarity)
         Lesson 05: Calculate pH from Hydrogen Ion Concentration

    - Organic Chemistry (Carbon - Element of complexity)
         Lesson 01: Miller/Urey Experiement, Carbon Chemistry
         Lesson 02: Variation through molecular shape
         Lesson 03: Variation from Carbon Skeletal Structure
         Lesson 04: Variation from Isomers
         Lesson 05: Variation from Functional Groups

    - Macro-Molecules
         Lesson 01: The Four Classes of Large Molecules
         Lesson 02: Carbohydrates as Biological Polymers
         Lesson 03: Benedicts test
         Lesson 04: Proteins as Biological Polymers
         Lesson 05: Polynucleotides (DNA/RNA) as Biological Polymers

                                       UNIT 1 TEST

Unit 2: The Central Dogma and Cell Basics

    - DNA: Inheritance and Replication

                                       UNIT 2 TEST

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