31 October 2012

Just for Fun #1

I've been doing a lot of Chemistry homework lately (General Chemistry II). And a few thoughts have come to mind. I hope you enjoy my Fake test. Don't forget to [subscribe, +1, and share!]

Chemistry test:
Q. What is the pH?
Ans. The ph is silent

Q. What is pOH?

Ans. You really shouldn't use that kind of language on a test

Q. How to get 1 Mol of ion out of water:
Ans. If you fill a Mole hole with water, he should come out by himself

Q. Calculate the half life...
Ans. Usually between 40 and 50 years old (otherwise known as midlife).

Q. What is the result if you add heat to the reaction?
Ans. It gets hot

Q: A precipitation created a blue solution. How do you measure the absorption:
Ans: Photo-Smurf-ometry. You can also use it to set up a standard Smurf

Smurf + Thunder cat = Na'vi

Alternate last question

Q. During a precipitation, you got a blue solution, explain why:
Ans. Smurf-iometry, distinguished from smurf-ometry: the measure of blue-ness.

So, how would you asnwer if I asked you:
Q. balance the following equation:
     1Person + (lots of )time  ----> ?

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