23 December 2013

Biochemistry Thermodynamics: Lesson 7 - Hess's Law and Practice Problem 4

For the process A ↔ B, Keq (AB) is 0.02 at 37°C. For the process B ↔ C, Keq (BC) = 1000 at 37°C.

a. Determine Keq (AC), the equilibrium constant for the overall process A ↔ C, from Keq (AB) and Keq (BC).

b. Determine standard-state free energy changes for all three processes, and use ΔG°(AC) to determine Keq (AC). Make sure that this value agrees with that determined in part a of this problem

From GARRETT/GRISHAM. Biochemistry, 4E. © 2009 Brooks/Cole, a part of Cengage Learning, Inc. Reproduced by permission. www.cengage.com/permissions 

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