30 January 2014

Physics Homework Chapter 17

I would like to allow everyone access to download my solutions calculator.
It's a programmed spreadsheet that allows you to input your specific variables and it will give you the solution.
 - This is provided just in case you're in a time crunch.

1. A current of 79.0 mA exists in a metal wire.
(a) How many electrons flow past a given cross section of the wire in 10.8 min?
(b) In what direction do the electrons travel with respect to the current?
-The magnitude is zero.
-opposite direction   
-same direction

Download Calculator for Ch 17 Problem 1

2. The current supplied by a battery in a portable device is typically 0.183 A. Find the number of electrons passing through the device in two hours.

Download Calculator for Ch 17 Problem 2

3. An electric heater carries a current of 17.0 A when operating at a voltage of 3.30 102V. What is the resistance of the heater?

Download Calculator for Ch 17 Problem 3

4. Nichrome wire of cross-sectional radius 0.781 mm is to be used in winding a heating coil. If the coil must carry a current of 10.00 A when a voltage of 2.70 X102</ sup> V is applied across its ends, find the following.
(a) the required resistance of the coil
(b) the length of wire you must use to wind the coil

Download Calculator for Ch 17 Problem 4

5. A wire of diameter 0.550 mm and length 30.0 m has a measured resistance of 3.00 Ω. What is the resistivity of the wire?
_____Ω · m

Download Calculator for Ch 17 Problem 5

6. A potential difference of 10 V is found to produce a current of 0.45 A in a 3.6 m length of wire with a uniform radius of 0.35 cm. Find the following values for the wire:

(a) the resistance

(b) the resistivity
_____ Ω· m

Download Calculator for Ch 17 Problem 6

7. If a certain silver wire has a resistance of 3.00 Ω at 15.0°C, what resistance will it have at 29.0°C?

Download Calculator for Ch 17 Problem 7

8. Suppose your waffle iron is rated at 1.25 kW when connected to a 1.80 102</ sup> V source.

(a) What current does the waffle iron carry?
(b) What is its resistance?
_____ Ω

Download Calculator for Ch 17 Problem 8

9.If electrical energy costs 12 cents, or $0.12, per kilowatt-hour, then what would the following events cost?
(a) burning a 40 W light bulb for 24 h straight
(b) operating an electric oven for 4.0 h if it carries a current of 20.0 A at 220 V

Download Calculator for Ch 17 Problem 9

10. A high-voltage transmission line with a resistance of 0.30 /km carries a current of 1040 A. The line is at a potential of 660 kV at the power station and carries the current to a city located 160 km from the station.
(a) What is the power loss due to resistance in the line?
(b) What fraction of the transmitted power does this loss represent?

Download Calculator for Ch 17 Problem 10


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