16 September 2014

Histology of Blood and Bone Marrow

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This video is guides you through the basic histology of blood, bone marrow, and the many stages of hematopoiesis.

Learning objectives are:
1. Be able to distinguish formed elements in the peripheral blood
2. Understand the relationship between the numbers observed and their functions
3. Be able to distinguish the various stages of maturation associated with erythropoiesis.
4. Understand what the morphological changes signify during the transformation.
5.  Be able to distinguish the various stages of maturation associated with granulocytopoiesis
6. Understand the morphological changes between the mature granulocytes
7. Be able to recognize megakaryocytes and platlets, and understand thrombocytopoiesis.
8. Be able to identify monocytes, lymphocytes, and plasma cells and have a basic understanding of the inter-relationship of these cells


Courtesy of William Krause, PhD .
These videos will orient you to each cell and tissue type as well as prepare you for medical practice
Dr. Krause made these videos to help his class in learning and studying histology. Because of overwhelming demand, he would like to make them available world-wide.
Used and uploaded with full permission of William Krause, PhD (The Producer and narrator).

Dr. Krause is a member of the Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences at the University of Missouri. He has won several awards for teaching at the School of Medicine and is the author of many books including a study guide to go along with this video series:

Please be encouraged to visit Dr. Krause's webpage

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