22 October 2012

BIO 105/106 Lesson 2 RNA To Protein Part 03

Biology 105/106

Lesson 2: RNA To Protein Part 03

I have attached a worksheet download. Adapted from a doc on teacherweb

Use this codon table to complete the problems. Remember, a codon refers to mRNA, not the DNA template strand (it sometimes refers to the non-template strand of DNA, depending on the context).
This Codon table will allow you to translate your mRNA into an amino acid sequence.

NOTE: The tRNA sequence is not necessary to figure out the amino acid and you should not use the tRNA when looking up the amino acid on the codon table. However, the tRNA sequence should be deciphered for the purposes of this worksheet.
Codon Amino Acid Chart

Note: For this worksheet, The DNA represents the "Template Strand"


  1. Answers to the worksheet ?? :)

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    The Answers are posted here
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