28 March 2014

Physics Homework Chapter 24

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I have lost all of the homework problems for this chapter.
I would like to post videos.
I created the calculator (Above) to back when I had the questions (printed out) and have since lost all of my print outs.

If you have a copy of the chapter 24 - 30 (homework questions) from webassign, And would be willing to send me a copy (so I can make the videos), please leave a message in the comments below.

AWARD: First person to send me all of the questions from webassign (from the serway textbook) will get 3 questions answered by me from each chapter... Pick your hardest questions in each chapter and I'll give you the answer.

1 comment:

  1. Hello, Mike.
    I was wanting to know if you could show me what to do on my chapter 24 webassign. I have my work that I did in class on paper, but when I apply it to the problems the answer does not come out correctly. Could you help?