24 September 2014

Cholesterol Biosynthesis

A close look at the steps required to produce cholesterol and a clinical correlation on controlling cholesterol

Step 1: 3 Acetyl Coa à 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl Coa (HMG Coa)
à Mevelonate
Step 2: Mevelonate + CoASH  + 3ATP à Isopentenyl PPi
Step 3: Condensation of 6 molecules of isopentenyl PPi to produce Squalene
Step 4: Cyclization of squalene and conversion to Cholesterol

  • Only a small fraction of cholesterol comes from diet. Liver production of cholesterol is five times higher than dietary intake.
  • Cholesterol isn’t bad, too much is bad. It’s used to produce steroids and hormones in our body

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